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Quality of Service in Tomato

Tomato is an open-source router firmware for many of today’s routers. I have it installed on my Asus RT-N16 router, and I love it. I’ve had it running on the router for more than two years, but I just recently discovered one of its best features, Quality of Service.

In a nutshell, Quality of Service in a router prioritizes certain traffic over other traffic depending on what kind it is and it can limit the overall bandwidth of connections to and from the Internet. The benefit of this is so that roommate who always torrents won’t have a direct affect on how fast your Internet browsing is since the torrent download would have a lower priority.

Sleepwatcher : Run Script on Sleep

Sleepwatcher is a Mac OS X background daemon that can trigger a script to run when various power related events occur, such as the laptop sleeping or waking up, the screen dimming, or power adapter being connected or disconnected.

On my personal laptop, I have an AppleScript set up within sleepwatcher that mutes the audio each time the laptop goes to sleep. This is to prevent accidental audio playing during meetings and classes.

Purdue Dining Court API

To access the Purdue Dining Court XML API use this format

http://api.hfs.purdue.edu/menus/v1/locations/<Dining Court>/MM-DD-YYYY

where <Dining Court> is from the list below

  • Earhart
  • Ford
  • Hillenbrand
  • Wiley
  • Windsor

Messages : Change Cmd + Delete Behavior

One annoying thing in Mountain Lion’s Messages.app application is that the shortcut command + delete is mapped to “Close Conversation” instead of deleting the current line of text. This fix to this is very simple.

My GeekTool Setup

My GeekTool setup is meant strictly for productivity. There are no pretty pictures, no cool meters or text or color. It is in a monospace font that allows for simple formatting, and it gets the job done…well. Here it is:

Identites in Mountain Lion’s Mail.app

Identities, or E-mails aliases, allow someone to send emails through one SMTP server while using multiple E-mails addresses. This option is present in most of todays E-mails clients, except Apple’s Mail.app 5.0 option is hidden. There is a way to set up identities, but it will require a little bit of plist editing. I will give an example setup to make it easier to follow.

Install Dropbox - Ubuntu Headless

This guide is about how to install Dropbox and its CLI (command line interface) on an Ubuntu server. Specifically, I am using a BuyVM Ubuntu 11.10 VPS without a GUI. An important note is that Dropbox increased my RAM usage by ~150MB, even while idling. This installation is probably not suited for a computer with 256MB or less.

Install Deluge - Ubuntu Headless

This guide is about how to install Deluge. More specifically, since this is going to be installed on an Ubuntu 11.10 VPS, only the daemon and Web UI are going to be installed because there is no need for a GUI. I will also cover how to set up the Thin Client so that you can remotely control the daemon using a native application on your client computer.

There are 3 parts to this guide

  1. Installing the Daemon
  2. Setting up the Web UI
  3. Connecting using the Thin Client

Remove Apache2 - Install NGINX

So you want to remove Apache2 in favor of NGINX? You’ve come to the right place. This is a quick and to the point guide that should get you up and running with NGINX in no time. I am using Ubuntu 11.10 on a VPS, but this should work for most installations of Ubuntu. NOTE: This guide does not include how to install PHP. I did not need it so I did not end up installing it.